5 Favorites: Rustic Cocoa Mugs by

Issue 58 · On the Mountain · February 8, 2013

5 Favorites: Rustic Cocoa Mugs

Issue 58 · On the Mountain · February 8, 2013

Even though I grew up sledding in New England, it wasn't until I moved to New York City that I really made an art of hot chocolate. My survival strategy in the cold winter months? A cup of cocoa from one of New York's abundant artisanal chocolatiers. And to complement these fine cocoas, I started searching for the perfect mug.

These are my criteria: 1) Preferably, the mug should be white. What better color to offset cocoa's deep chocolaty hue? 2) The mouth of the mug needs to be generous enough to accommodate a flotilla of marshmallows. 3) The mug should be large enough so that you can wrap both your chilly hands around it. 4) Finally, the perfect mug should also have grooves or a handle to prevent your mitts from slipping. Here are my five favorites.

white forest pottery cocoa mug

Above: My personal favorite is White Forest's Mug, designed especially for cocoa aficionados like me; $25. Pictured here with my two other "musts": cocoa mix from Jacques Torres (which also comes in peppery Wicked; $18) and rose marshmallows Whimsy & Spice ($6.50 for a dozen).

tea bowl by Starling Brood

Above: Although technically designed for tea, Starling Brood's Tea bowl is also generous enough for hot cocoa; $25.

Ripple mug from ABC Carpet and Home

Above: Rustic and elemental, Ripple Mugs from ABC Carpet and Home are made from dishwasher safe porcelain; $35.

large mug by Tourne

Above: Designed to be held in both hands, Tourne's Large Tea" mug is also perfect for cocoa; $22.

Robert Gordon Life mug

Above: Joining forces with renowned ceramic artist David Golightly, Robert Gordon created the Life series, including this copious Mug; AU $14.95.

N.B. Looking to warm your insides as well as your home with other accessories for hot beverages? Browse our kitchen accessories section.

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