ISSUE 21  |  On the Waterfront

Net Gains: 5 Fishing Baskets as Sculptural Lights

May 27, 2015 1:00 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

Call it net gains: Mesh and bamboo fish traps–and weavings inspired by them–make sculptural, softly glowing pendant lights. And you can create your own.


Above: Barcelona design duo Manolito & Manolita weave their Colimbo Lights from mesh fishing traps and cotton. Learn more in our post Go Fish Lighting, and inquire directly with M&M about pricing.

Above: A souvenir from Culburra House, a beachside rental in New South Wales, Australia, the Fish Trap Light Shade is for sale in two sizes: $135 AUD ($104.67 USD) for the small, and $700 AUD ($542.73 USD) for the large, shown. (For lights similar in feel, see Nelson Sepulveda’s designs at Home Stories in Brooklyn.)

Above: From a recent Bodie and Fou collection, the Long Bamboo Pendant Light was inspired by Thai fish traps; we hope they reintroduce it.

Above: The made-to-order Fisherman Lampshade, $1,500, by artist Tracy Wiklinson of TW Workshop can be any length. See more of her work in our post Rustic Handwoven Lamps from a Brit in LA.

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