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5 Favorites: Freestanding Electric Ranges

May 02, 2013 11:30 AM

BY Janet Hall

We’ve rounded up a selection of electric freestanding ranges offering professional-style looks and the latest in technology, bringing more power and flexibility to electric-powered cooking. In our research, we discovered that size is one of the biggest limitations; we found nothing over 30 inches (the size we have featured here). Our choices here offer front-placed controls (no reaching over the heat source to operate the appliance), professional-style knobs and handles, and new features like hot-surface warning lights, high-power elements, and flexible convection ovens. 

(N.B.: Freestanding ranges differ from slide-in ranges in that they have finished sides, which offers more flexibility for installation. We did not include slide-in ranges in our selections.) 

Above: Viking was the first to offer a professional-style electric range. The Viking Professional Series Custom 30-Inch Electric Range (VESC) features four high-infrared cooking elements as well as a “bridge” element between the right front and right rear elements, which can be used with a portable griddle or extra large pan.  The 4.7-cubic-foot oven has a rapid preheat system and dual convection features; $5,879 at AJ Madison. Viking also offers a freestanding range with an induction cooktop; the Viking Professional Series 30-Inch Pro Style Induction Range; $7,279 at AJ Madison.

Above: In addition to the standard finishes (stainless, white, and black), the Viking Professional Series Custom 30-Inch Electric Range (VESC) is offered in custom colors including Apple Red (L) and Graphite Gray (R); $6,349 at AJ Madison.

Above: The Viking D3 Series 30-inch Freestanding Electric Range has five surface elements that utilize ribbon technology for rapid heating (elements reach full power in about three seconds). The 4.7-cubic-foot convection oven features several different cooking modes. Available in stainless (as shown), black, and white for $3,599, and in a range of custom colors for $4,099 at AJ Madison. 


Above: The GE Cafe Series Freestanding Smoothtop Electric Range offers five heating elements, a warming zone, a 5.4-cubic-foot convection oven and warming drawer; $3,199 at Home Depot.

Above: The Dacor Distinctive 30-inch Freestanding Electric Range features a black ceramic glass cooktop with four burners in different sizes, including one flexible triple circuit element (allowing for different heating areas). It has a large 4.8-cubic-foot convection oven and comes with a 6-inch backguard; $3,399 at AJ Madison. 

Above: Our budget entry is the Summit Professional Series 30-Inch Freestanding Electric Range with a 3.69-cubic-foot oven, four coil elements on a black porcelain cooktop, a digital clock and timer on the back guard, and a storage drawer; $809 at AJ Madison. 

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