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5 Favorites: Freestanding Clothes Rails

January 28, 2013 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Not just for restaurants: freestanding clothes rails for the storage of coats, jackets, bags; here are five current favorites:

Above: The Tra Wooden Coat Stand by Tomoko Azumi is available from the Collection in France for €169 and from Heal's in the UK for £175.

Above: The Normann Copenhagen Toj Clothes Rack is $374 at All Modern Outlet.

Above: Ryan Plett of You Have Broken the Internet made a DIY coat rack inspired by one he saw on Inventory Stockroom (shown above). For a tutorial, go to You Have Broken the Internet (Plett's total expenditure? $71). We especially like the functional wood shelf for shoes and bags.

Above: "A" Frame Clothing Rack; made of reclaimed steel contact Strawser & Smith (contact them directly for pricing).

Above: Turbo Clothes Rack; $44.99 from Ikea.