7 Favorites: Hardworking Scrubbers with Style by

Issue 69 · Clean Sweep · April 23, 2013

7 Favorites: Hardworking Scrubbers with Style

Issue 69 · Clean Sweep · April 23, 2013

Two things really help me get through life's most grueling tasks—you know, like scouring the baked-on-caked-on scum off a pan. First, I imagine all the calories I'm burning as I scrub away. Second, I use hardworking tools that are pretty enough to turn a chore into a labor of love (almost).

West Elm scrub: Remodelista

Above: For a lighter cleanse, try West Elm Market's "Scrub" with its rather adorable tub; $14.

furniture steel wool: Remodelista

Above: Designed by Robin Richardson, whose stepfather and grandfather were cabinet makers, extra fine steel wool from Kaufmann Mercantile is gentle enough for furniture but is also useful for cleaning brass, copper and chrome; $7.95.

copper scrub: Remodelista

Above: From Redecker, this bright orange copper scrubber is on offer at Terrain; $8.50.

BBQ brush: Remodelista

Above: Made from solid beech with brass bristles (which are softer and won't scratch as much as other metals), this German BBQ Scrubber from Objects of Use is still tough enough to clean the grill; £4.50.

  West Elm veggie brush: Remodelista

Above: Vegetables direct from the garden soil love a good brush too, like West Elm's veggie brush with beech wood handle; $8.

copper clothes: Remodelista

Above: Softer copper cleaning clothes will not scratch on enamel or steel. Available at The Laundress; $16 for two. Image via EcoDirect.

Labour and Wait pot brush: Remodelista

Above: Great for greasy pans, Labour and Wait's sturdy pot brush is designed for tough jobs; £12.50

N.B. Looking for a creative way to keep your new scrubbers? See our Quick Fix for the Kitchen Sponge Storage.

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