5 Favorites: Editors' Reading Chairs by

Issue 56 · In the Library · January 21, 2013

5 Favorites: Editors' Reading Chairs

Issue 56 · In the Library · January 21, 2013

The ultimate luxury? In our book, it's an afternoon with good reading material and a comfortable chair. Here are five chairs we either use or covet (join the conversation and tell us your favorites!).

Zeferilli chair, OCHRE

Above: Christine is drawn to the wood frame and leather combination and the classic shape of the Zeferilli Chair by Ochre. Photograph by Pierre Verger.

Pink Pimlico Chair, Canvas

Above: Justine's favorite reading chair used to be her bed; after reading 10 Secrets to a Better Night's Sleep she's going to do her nighttime reading in the Pimlico Chair from Canvas.

Black steel Butterfly chair with white canvas cover, sheepskin and pink pillow

Above: Sarah is partial to the midcentury classic butterfly chair. "The chair is quite low, so you can nestle into it and read comfortably for hours," she says. She found hers in a secondhand shop (both Christine and Julie own models from Circa50). Photograph by Matthew Williams.

Raffles Armchair

Above: Julie aspires to someday own the Raffles Armchair, a slimmed-down interpretation of a classic goosedown-cushioned English roll-arm chair, designed by Vico Magistretti for De Padova and available through Suite New York.

Above: "If I'm not sitting upright, I tend to doze off while reading, no matter how compelling the book is, says Alexa (Izabella seconds her sentiments). "So I've always wanted the sturdy Paulistano Armchair (currently on sale for $1,317.50 from Design Within Reach) in that rich, cognac leather on a steel frame." See DIY: Paulistano Armchair with White Canvas Cover to see how this versatile chair can change character with a different material.

N.B.: Find your perfect Reading Chair with 1,900 images from our Gallery of rooms and spaces. And tell us: Do you prefer a chair you can sprawl on or a chair that keeps you upright and awake?

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