ISSUE 65  |  Belgium and Beyond

5 Favorites: Classic Delft Tiles in Modern Settings

March 28, 2013 11:30 AM

BY Francesca Connolly

On a trip to Amsterdam a while back, I visited Royal Tichelaar Makkum, the Netherlands oldest and, in some ways, most surprising company. The ethos encourages innovation, striving to "live up to this long lineage, but lets itself by no means tie down by the chains of history."

I was especially struck by the way architects Merkx & Girod used Tichelaar's traditional Dutch tiles in the very modern interiors of their flagship store; here are some other projects involving traditional tilework in modern settings.

Above: A Delft-tiled dining room in Berlin, photographed by Gregor Hohenberg for AD.

Above: Tiger Sushi in Copenhagen, designed by Joanna Laajisto.

Above: Delft-inspired wallpaper via Wall & Deco.

Above: A kitchen designed by Jelle de Jong using hand-painted Old Dutch tiles in the Yacht in Circle pattern.

Above: A Delft-tiled backsplash in the home of design editor Beth Hitchcock, via House & Home.

Above: Early English Delft tiles via Fired Earth.