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5 Favorites: Bookshelves for Small Space Living

January 24, 2013 7:45 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

Some days I reminisce about the simple and small living spaces I was surrounded by after my college years. My roommate and I lived in a Bauhaus-styled apartment building which had been completely remodeled, yet the owners managed to retain its original charm. Here are a few small bookshelf options for those who have limited wall space or who live small.

Above: The Magda Bookshelf is made from painted steel tube with ends of lathed beech wood; $150 from Leibal. It comes in black or white.

Above: Hold On Tight by Colleen and Eric; the bookend cube and wing nut is made of powder-coated aluminum; the shelf is made of beech wood. (This shelf is still a concept idea.)

Above: The Wall Clamp by Brendan Ravenhill can be screwed into the wall, allowing you to turn any flat material into a shelf. See this video for a demonstration of how to use the clamps. A clamp is $75 and available from Areaware.

Above: The Magneto Shelf Systems by Henry Julier is $140. The shelf set includes a metal back panel, mounting hardware, and four shelves.

Above: A Bookshelf & Bookmark by Ruperti Workshops; €37.29 from Pure Nature. This bookshelf allows you to stack your books and provides you with a bookmark.

Above: The Conceal Bookshelf by Umbra is $13. It is made from powder coated steel, and the floating book shelf becomes invisible behind a stack of books.

Above: A Duo Bookshelf by Brooklyn-based Ana Linares Design is $160. Made from steel and available in two colors: black or blue.

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