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5 Favorite Tiffin Tins

March 06, 2012 8:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

It's time for lunch: If only we were Indian schoolchildren, whose noonday meal is packed at home in a reusable tiffin and delivered hot by a dabbawala (in a system legendary for its efficiency). With a sigh, we offer up these five tiffin carriers, in the hopes that they make leftovers look more appetizing.

Above: By Vancouver-based industrial designer Lorea Sinclaire, the Tiffin Lunch Kit has two microwave-safe ceramic bowls and a cork lid that doubles as a plate; $65.

Above: Made in Austria, the 2 Tier Lunch Pail in enamel is stovetop- and oven-safe; £55 at Objects of Use. The one-tiered version Enamel Lunch Box is available for $49 at Brook Farm General Store.

Above: The stainless steel ECOlunchbox Three-In-One has two stacking compartments and a small inner box to keep cut fruit separate; $24. Another good option for kids, with no latches to bother with, are the stainless steel LunchBots ($37.99 for a set of three at Abe's Market).

Above: To-Go Ware's Stainless Steel Food Carrier has a mini-container for salad dressing, and the lid doubles as a plate; $24.95.

Above: Sigg Alu Box Maxi in lightweight aluminum; $35.99. The box also comes in a smaller size and several bright colors.