ISSUE 32  |  Down Under

5 Boutique Paint Lines from Down Under

August 15, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

We’re endlessly fascinated by interior paint, especially colors from foreign lands (why do they seem so compelling?). Here are five companies worth noting–two of them sell their wares Stateside, and we’re hoping the others will soon be available.

Above: Peter Lewis, founder of both Porter’s Paint in Australia and Sydney Harbour Paint Company in the US, was inspired to start his business after discovering formulas for Mediterranean paint washes in his grandfather’s archives (he was the builder of Sydney’s Capitol Theatre and an accomplished colorist). Porter’s Paints offers a range of natural, water-based wall finishes, from milk paint to lime wash to mineral paint. Go to Sydney Harbour Paint Company for more information.

Above: Founded by Rachel Lacy, Drikolor is a New Zealand-based paint company offering powder pigments that offer “deeper and richer colors not available through traditional liquid tinting methods.” The company holds the exclusive owner of the licensing rights from the Foundation Le Corbusier in Paris (they offer the 63 colors to architects, designers, and their customers in Australia and New Zealand).

Above: Australian designer and self-proclaimed magpie Sibella Court has developed a line for Murobond, with subtly shaded collections including Merchants and Traders, Indigo Blues, and Paper Whites.

Above: Founded by Prue Cook (the wife of architect Marshall Cook) in 1992 when she couldn’t find the right color for her house, Auckland-based Aalto Colour says its “complex mixing of pigments produces an added depth and richness to the painted surface, with the intensities and hues of each color shifting with the changing light of the day.” The company does custom color mixing and consulting and works with many galleries, museums, and heritage institutions in New Zealand.

Above: Twenty-year-old company BioPaints in New Zealand uses “nature’s gentle chemistry” to make a range of products, including interior wall paint, exterior paint, enamel paint, powder pigments, and oil varnishes and waxes. See the range at BioPaints.

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