Gift Guide: 15 Presents for the Host (for Less than $50)

December 15, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

Looking for something to thrill a hardworking host? Here are a range of everyday luxuries that you’re almost guaranteed to find in use the next time you arrive.

Above: Relish Spoons are $40 each from Sweet Gum Co., which offers a range of handmade wooden spoons and cutting boards made in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Above: Appétit Leather Trivets by Ladies and Gentleman Studio of Seattle come in three patterns and are $48 each. (They’re also available from The Commons, see below.)

Above: Walnut Coffee Scoops are $24 each from The Commons, a new home goods store in Charleston, South Carolina.

Above: Selveage Linen Napkins, designed and woven by Mungo of South Africa, are $18 each from global collective Dara Artisans, who are currently hosting a New York City pop-up shop at Atelier Courbet.

Above: Made by Brooklyn designer Billy Cotton, a Large Mixing Bowl–dishwasher and microwave safe–is $35 from The Line in NYC. (Read about The Line in A SoHo Dream Loft Where Everything Is for Sale.)

Above: A goose and pheasant tail feather are included in this Harvest Bunch, $32, made by floral designer Eiko Fujii for Kanorado Shop, a Brooklyn-based online store run by a Japanese husband-and-wife team.

Above: Japanese pine-scented Bamboo Charcoal Incense from Anzu New York comes in a wrapped wooden box with an incense stand in the shape of a bamboo branch.

Above: Made of unglazed porcelain, the 13-centimeter-tall Vase Klein from Swiss studio Golden Biscotti is 48 SFr ($49.81).

Above: Classic linen Striped Dish Towels from Flotsam + Fork are woven in Armentieres, France. More absorbent than cotton and ideal for drying glassware without leaving a trace of lint, they’re $19.95 each.

Above: Saudade of London specializes in Portuguese staples, such as this Olive Oil Drizzler Can; £17.50 ($27.53) 

Above: Peppermint-scented Sugarloaf Candles start at $24 each. They’re made by Pelle Designs, a Brooklyn architecture and design studio run by husband-and-wife team Jean and Oliver Pelle.

Above: The Amabatalia Furoshiki in Charcoal Stripe–a kitchen cloth that doubles as a bag and an apron, among things–is $28 from Anaí¯se of SF. Yes, instructions are included. Learn more in our post DIY: How to Wrap a Furoshiki Cloth.

Above: Tallow Candles, made by hand at the Eindhoven Studio in the Netherlands, are €15.90 ($19.80) each at Merci in Paris. For details about the shop, read Paris’s Most Exciting Shop Is Now Online. And for more portable candleholders, see 10 Favorites: Modern Chambersticks for Making Your Way in the Dark.

Above: Doug Johnston’s Large Pencil Bucket, handmade of rope and thread, is $45 from Totokaelo of Seattle. (Take a look at Totokaeolo’s Fashion-Forward Office.)

Above: Toronto-based father-daughter workshop Herriott Grace offers these no-two-alike Porcelain Table Lanterns that are perfect for tea lights; $35 each. 

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