ISSUE 42  |  Dark Shadows

10 Favorites: Modern Chambersticks for Making Your Way in the Dark

October 22, 2014 3:00 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

Turn off the lights. These updates of the classic portable chamberstick are made for guiding your way in the dark from drawing room to bedchamber. They also, of course, work well on windowsills, tables, and nightstands. Perfect if you live in a castle–or, like us, want to pretend you do. Nightcap optional.

Above: A modern take on Wee Willie Winkie’s chamberstick, the Danish KiBiSi Weight Here Candleholder, $48, from A + R Store, is made of Polystone, a compound of powdered stone and polyurethane resin, topped with a looped cast-iron rim.

Above: The Tower Light Chamberstick by Kristina Kjaer is available in dark green (shown here) and Zinfandel, a deep red; 99 DKK ($15.10 USD) from Danish shop Bolia.

Above: Another Country’s Another Ceramic Candlesticks have turned-oak bases that conceal storage compartments; they come in three sizes starting at £39 ($62.88 USD), the set of three is £140 ($225.73 USD). See more by the London furniture company in Shopper’s Diary: Another Country in Marylebone.

Above: Ferm Living’s powder-coated metal Half Candleholders come in three designs and a range of colors; €20.80 ($26.48 USD) each.

Above: The polished Brass Candle Holder by Sigurd Persson presents a dressy, minimalist version of the form; 950 SEK ($131.43 USD) from Svensk Tenn, in Stockholm.

Above: German designer Patrick Frey’s Spike candleholders are made from meat hooks welded to metal plates. They come in a range of colors; €18 ($22.91 USD) each.

Above: Collection Lights, an aluminum candleholder by French design house Eno, is £26 ($41.93 USD) at the Goodhood Store, London. 

Above: From Danish design company Hay, the skeletal Lup Candle Holder by Shane Schneck is $45 in copper (shown here) and $38 in black from the Dwell Store. Photograph via Mister President.


Above: Ikea’s simple, classic Ryssby Candlestick is made of glazed porcelain; $14.99.

Above: Greek designer Yiannis Ghikas designed the Candlehandle for the opening of the Industrial Gas Museum of Athens as a salute to an old-fashioned source of light; inquire about pricing at the Industrial Gas Museum Shop

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