10 Favorites: Festive Bunting for the Fourth of July by

Issue 26 · Block Party · July 1, 2014

10 Favorites: Festive Bunting for the Fourth of July

Issue 26 · Block Party · July 1, 2014

Throwing a party or looking for some simple summer wall decor? In Britain, bunting signifies bacchanalia, and we're taking a page out of their book. Here are 10 good options for the Fourth of July enthusiast.

Recycled Sail Bunting Reefer Sails | Remodelista

Above: Recycled Sailcloth Great British Bunting by the Reefer Sail Company; $54.46 from Not on the High Street.

Linen banners from Terrain, Remodelista

Above: For purists, Terrain's Linen Banner Garland is fashioned from simple, undyed fabric with jute ties; $14 for a set of six.

linen bunting Lovely Home Idea, Remodelista

Above: Handmade in Europe, Lovely Home Idea's Linen Fabric Banner Bunting is designed to be tied together in the order of your choice; $5 each.

Piggy and Squirrel Bunting | Remodelista

Above: This Blue and White Fabric Bunting Banner is $24.18 from Piggy and Squirrel on Etsy.

crochet garland from Wood and Wool, Remodelista

Above: Emma Lamb's crocheted Flower and Polka Dot Garlands can be used anywhere; $65.

Elizabeth Nicole Bunting | Remodelista

Above: A 5-foot-long Patriotic Bunting Garland is $20 from Elizabeth Nicole on Etsy.

garland Maisy and Alice, Remodelista

Above: You don't have to wait for a party to unfurl your bunting. Maisy and Alice's Paper Garland in Black in White is $23 for 15 feet.

Red Bunting Sophie Made This | Remodelista

Above: Terracotta Red Country Cotton Bunting from UK crafter Sophie Made is 3 meters long; £15.95.

Bhldn Pink Striped Bunting | Remodelista

Above: The By Sea Garland is $12 (down from $22) at Bhldn.

Wood and Wool garland, Remodelista

Above: Dutch designer Ingrid Jansen crochets a number of vibrant bunting banners for her company, Wood & Wool Stools. Available on Etsy, each Wood and Wool Garland includes 10 flags connected by jute rope; $49.

N.B. Garlands are among out favorite DIY projects. Learn how to make a Wire Garland from Found Objects, a Dried Flower Garland with Shane Powers, and 5 Easy Paper Holiday Decorations.

Complete the party setup with string lights—see Gardenista's 10 Easy Pieces: Cafe-Style Outdoor Lighting.

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