ISSUE 8  |  Winter Break

10 Favorites: Built-in Reading Nooks

February 27, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

The coziest spot in the house? We vote for the reading nook; here are 10 we’re liking right now.

Above: A window nook in Scandinavia by Denis Bjerregaard, via Agentur.

Above: A built-in daybed from design firm Alexandra Loew (formerly From the Desk of Lola).

Above: A window seat in the Hope Mousehole in Cornwall, England, owned by photographer Paul Massey (it’s available for rent).

Above: A house on Shelter Island by Schappacher White (see the whole project at Architect Visit: Shelter Island House).

Above: A reading niche via photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo’s Bringing Nature Home.

Above: A reading (and tea ceremony) nook in the Toronto house of John Baker and Juli Daost of Mjolk; photo by Derek Sharpton via Dwell.

Above: A tiny reading nook in a house by Tas-ka in the Hague, via Bloesem.

Above: A reading nook in a glass extension by London architects Platform 5.

Above: A reading niche in a Sonoma house by Neal Schwartz of Schwartz and Architecture.

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