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10 Easy Pieces: Quirky Glassware, Stemmed Edition

September 23, 2015 9:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

The second installment on our exploration of quirky glassware (see our recent post on offbeat drinking glasses if you missed it) is stemmed glassware in artful, hand-formed shapes. We like the idea of serving an unusual drink in one of these 10 glasses at our next dinner party; Heidi Swan’s Dragonfruit Vodka Tonic comes to mind. Have a look at our latest finds.

Above: The South African Ngwenya Adams Glass with Reuben Stem is $22 at Nickey Kehoe in Los Angeles.

Above: The Maldon Water Goblet is among a collection of reinterpreted 17th-century Dutch Rummers; $13 from Canvas.

An organic shape, the Rustic Champagne Glass is $16 at Spartan.

Above: As if the glass were a ball of hand-shaped clay, Seletti’s Glass from Sonny Large Wine Glass is made of warped borosilicate glass; $35.08 at YLiving.

Above: Astier de Villatte Glasses are airy, handblown glass pieces made in an antique Bastille workshop; $65 for the wine glass, $85 for the goblet, $98 for the champagne flute at ABC Carpet & Home.

Above: A colored stemmed glass from Billy Cotton, the Blue Curved Wine Glass is $20 at March.

Above: Designed in the shape of a plastic Dixie cup with the addition of an ornate stem, another glass from Seletti, The Wine Glass, is $16.94. 

Above: From Bulgarian designer Marina Dragomirova, the Mixers glass, from a series of magnetized vintage glassware, is $75 at Maryam Nassir Zadeh or order directly from Marina Dragomirova.

The Balloon Glass by La Rochere is €5.50 ($6.14) for the 4.7-ounce size at Merci.

Above: Mouth-blown in Japan, Yoshihiko Takahashi’s globular Wine Glass is as close to sculpture as a glass could get; $225 for a single glass at March.

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