10 Easy Pieces: Problem-Solving Electrical Outlets/Covers

November 11, 2015 10:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

Gone are the days when the electrical outlet was primarily used to power a lamp or a single kitchen appliance. These days we need our outlets more than ever, and there never seem to be enough of them to keep devices properly charged. We like the idea of the basic outlet and cover working a little harder, with dual-functionality that suits the needs of a modern home.

Minimal and Stealth

Above: From Vancouver/Berlin-based design studio Bocci, the Bocci 22 Flush Outlet is one of many profiled in our post Remodeling 101: Flush Electrical Wall Outlets.

Above: A flush light Switch from Trufig, a company that also makes stealth Power Outlets and Data Jacks for the wall.

Above: The Adorne Pop-Up Outlet from Legrand allows for four plugs in one; $39.98 at YLighting.

Above: For tight spaces, consider a recessed outlet that allows a bulky three-prong plug to tuck neatly into the wall. The Leviton Recessed Duplex Outlet in white is $8.97 on Amazon. For more, see our post Invisible Plugs? Step 1: Recessed Outlets.

Storage and Lighting

Above: Walhub’s Keeper Toggle Cover is designed for hanging keys and stashing mail; $15.95 each at Walhub.

Above: The Wall Cleat is a subtle way to wrangle in your long computer cord. Designed by Karl Zahn, the cleat is available through Boiler Design. For more ideas, see our post 10 Easy Pieces: Cord Wrangling Solutions.

Above: The Duplex Guidelight Wall Plate features three LED lights on a sensor; $15 each at SnapPower. For more, see our post The Night-Light Reconsidered.

Charging Stations

Above: The Kickstarter-funded ThingCharger eliminates the need for any cord at all when charging an iPhone or iPad. Devices can also be stacked on one another to charge two at once; $39.90 from ThingCharger.

Above: The Dual-Socket Wall Outlet with integrated USB ports is $27.50 from MacSales.

Above: SnapPower’s Duplex Charger Plate is $38 for two plates or $85 for a pack of five plates from SnapPower.

Above: Another cover from Walhub is the Keeper Rocker Cover, designed for electrical outlets; $15.95 at Walhub.

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