10 Easy Pieces: Leather Cabinet Hardware by

Issue 85 · Travels with an Editor: Barcelona · August 14, 2013

10 Easy Pieces: Leather Cabinet Hardware

Issue 85 · Travels with an Editor: Barcelona · August 14, 2013

For a while now we've been swept up in the leather cabinet pull craze; here are 10 favorites from our late-night web searches. (And if you have a good resource, by the way, do let us know.)

Nu Interieur Drawer Pulls, Remodelista

Above: Nu Interieur Ontwerp, a Dutch interior design firm, sells their Leather Cabinet Pulls and Handles in black, white, gray, cognac, and a limited edition green; prices range from €9.95 to €19.95 each. Read more in our previous post: Leather Handles from Nu Interieur Ontwerp in Delft.

Anthropologie Leather Saddle Pull, Remodelista

Above: The Saddler Knob is made from leather, brass, and wood with a 2-inch bolt that can be trimmed to size; $14 each from Anthropologie.

Superfront Loop Leather Handle, Remodelista

Above: Swedish Superfront's Loop Handle is made from a 2.5mm thick piece of leather and is available in various colors: cocoa, black, nude, green, and red (shown above). The leather is untreated and will darken and age over time; fastened with either a brass or copper rivet; 145 SEK (about $22) each. See our initial post on the company in Superfront: An Instant Upgrate for Ikea Cabinets.

Spinneybeck Brown Leather Drawer Pulls | Remodelista

Above: Spinneybeck Leather Pulls from architect Emanuela Frattini Magnusson are made from full grain belting leather with a water-resistant finish. Shown here is the Small Sling Pull (5 1/2 by 7/8 inches) for $15 each from Spinneybeck.

Leather Mortice Pull Hardware, Remodelista

Above: Doug Mockett's Mortice Wing Pull is made from leather covered metal; contact for pricing and availability.

DIY Video: Leather Drawer Pulls, Remodelista

Above: Inspired by the above pull from Nu Interieur, I made my own version in white leather; see: DIY Video: How to Make a $20 cabinet pull for $2.

Superfront Leather Drawer Handle, Remodelista

Above: Superfront's Trunk Handle, like the Loop, is made from a piece of untreated leather available in a variety of colors with a 128mm distance between copper- or brass-filled screwholes; 195 SEK (about $30).

Black Leather Handles from Behance, Remodelista

Above: Karine Lafrance's black Leather Pulls and Handles; contact the designer directly though Behance for pricing and availability.

Henrybuilt Leather Drawer Pulls, Remodelista

Above: Sold only as part of their kitchen systems, Henrybuilt's Leather Pulls come in different shapes, stitching, and thread colors.

DIY Drawer Pulls in Brown Leather, Remodelista

Above: Another DIY solution from the Brick House: Leather Handle DIY with hexagonal screws.

Jeff Sherman Shoe Polish Finish Leather Belt, Remodelista

Above: A DIY from Brooklyn-based architect Jeff Sherman: a leather belt is cut to size and finished with shoe polish. Read more in Vintage Belt as Cabinet Pull.

Looking for more simple leather accessories or DIY projects? See our previous posts: 10 Easy Pieces: South American Style Leather Chairs, DIY: Leather Napkin Ties at Bar Agricole, and DIY: Easy Leather Strap Wall Shelves.

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