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10 Easy Pieces: Handmade Stuffed Animals

December 12, 2012 4:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

Considering a lifelong companion for the infant or toddler? Here are 10 handmade stuffed animals (each with its own story) to add to the holiday gift list.

Above: My Red Fox is handmade by Andrea Vida in Budapest from linen and polyfill with hand embroidered eyes; €22 on Etsy.

Above: The Pocket Darcy Bear is hand-stitched from gray wool felt; $24 from Oh Albatross on Etsy.

Above: Pablo the Pigeon is made from hypoallergenic and eco-friendly baby alpaca wool in Bolivia by a self-managed community of indigenous women operating under fair trade principles; $64 from Oeuf NYC.

Above: The Rabbit Pocket Doll, by New York-based Coral and Tusk, is made from linen fabric and wool and rayon felt sourced by designer Stephanie Housely in India; $68 from Sweet William.

Above: The Anro Ant Anteater (L) is made from cotton and wool felt and is currently on sale for €19.95 from Mondays Milk in the Netherlands.

Above: Ruddie Raccoon is handmade by Donna Wilson in Scotland from black and white lambswool; $81 from The Future Perfect.

Above: The polka-dotted Rhino Riik in dotty blue (left) is €24.95 from Mondays Milk in the Netherlands.

Above: The soft-knit Little Horse is made from lambswool and polyester filling; $56 from Collette Bream on Etsy.

Above: Made by artists Heidi Iverson and H. Lux, the Handmade Horse Doll is made from reclaimed and upcycled fabrics for $98 from Estella.

Above: The White Wolf is made from linen with a hand-embroidered body, for children 3+ years; $37 from Adatine on Etsy.

Above: Donna Wilson’s Cyril Squirrel Fox is handmade from 100-percent lambswool for $81 from Future Perfect.

Above: Theodore the Octopus is made from undyed brown wool and organic cotton stuffing; contact Etsy seller Donkey and Lemon for ordering information.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on August 22, 2012.