10 Easy Pieces: Folding Dining Tables

December 02, 2015 10:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

Expecting more company than usual? We can relate. During the winter holidays (and every summer, too), we find ourselves in need of folding tables. Here are the top designs on our wish list. Keep a few of these on standby and let the impromptu celebrations begin.

Above: Chay Wilke, owner of Chay in Los Angeles, collaborated with architect Lindon Schultz on a version of a folding table that was first designed for Dosa 818. The Live/Work Table is made from coffee- and tea-stained sugar pine and finished with a food-safe wax. It’s available in two sizes–72 inches long and 92 inches long; for pricing, contact Chay directly.

Above: The Elefant Rectangular Beer Garden is made of galvanized steel and Robinia wood; €419 ($444) from Manufactum.

Above: Made of powder-coated steel, birch plywood, and white laminate, Ikea’s PS 2014 White Folding Table is designed for both indoor and outdoor use; $129.

Above: The long and narrow Biergarten Folding Wood Table has black metal legs and comes with benches; $429 at Beer Garden Furniture.

Above: Scout Regalia’s SR Folding Table has removable folding legs and hangs on the wall (it can also function as a magnetic dry erase board). It’s 36-inch-long table–consider grouping several together for a party–is made of powder-coated steel. Available in Fern Green and Salmon Pink (shown here), as well as Mint Green and Charcoal; $325.

Above: The Kartell Spoon Table by Antonio Citterio has a thin top made of honeycomb aluminum and thermoplastic legs. It’s shown in orange and white, and also comes in all black and all white; $2,200 at Hive Modern.

Above: The sturdy Robinia Wood Beer Garden Table seats six and is held together by galvanized steel clasps that enable it to fold flat; €348 ($369) from Manufactum.

Above: The Eames Rectangular Case Study Folding Table has chrome legs and a tabletop made of maple (shown), walnut, or laminate; $795 at Y Living.

Above: Ikea’s folding Mälarö Table is powder-coated steel with a white-painted acacia wood top. It’s only 31 1/2 inches by 24 3/8 inches, but two or more can be used in tandem; $59.99.

Above: From Snow Peak, the Single Action Large Table is made of aluminum and bamboo, and fits up to six people; $385.95.

Above: Small but functional for two, the Arc en Ciel Folding Table is $195 at Design Within Reach.

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N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on July 2, 2014, as part of our Block Party issue.