10 Easy Pieces: Dining Chairs Under $160 by

Issue 31 · Terrific Tiles · July 30, 2008

10 Easy Pieces: Dining Chairs Under $160

Issue 31 · Terrific Tiles · July 30, 2008

Ten affordable options to surround your dining table.

Below: The Kyoto Chair is available in coffee or natural for $110 at Design Within Reach.


Below: Achieve a similar look with the Norvald Chair in black, red or white. $69 at Ikea.

http://ikeadining.jpg 74037_pe190783_s3.jpg Norvald chair

Below L: The Jake chair from Room & Board is crafted from molded plywood and is available in eight finishes and colors for $79. Below R: The Boxy chair is available in oak, cherry, or walnut veneer for $89 from Room & Board .

http://jakechair.jpg http://roomandboardchair.jpg

Below: Reminiscent of a classic Windsor chair, the compact Salt Chair is $125 at Design Within Reach.


Below: The solid hardwood Oval Back Dining Chair is $159 and looks as good in situ as in the catalog. Available in white, chocolate, or acorn at West Elm.


Below: Exhibitor 18-inch Director’s Chair with hardwood frame and cotton canvas fabric; 18 different fabric colors, four frame colors; on sale for $56.99 at Directors Chair.


Below: For the classic Emeco navy chair look at a budget price, consider the Bandit Chair; $119 at CB2.


Below: The Rattan Agan Chair; $35 at Ikea.


Below: The Bentwood Cafe Chair is $90 at Kurt Petersen.

http://bentwoodcafechair.jpg http://bentwoodcafechair.jpg

Below: Made from renewable wood, the stackable Nordmyra Chair is $39 at Ikea.


Below: Justin at Materialicious found this one: the Davidson chair, available with a slat or rush seat; $43.75 each (but you have to order a dozen) at Maine Supply.


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