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10 Decorative Pears (Partridge Not Included)

December 23, 2013 4:00 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

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Is the pear having a moment? Made of ceramic, wood, and marble (and polished or rustic, high or low), the humble fruit adds a festive note to the holiday table.

Above: A Black Ceramic Pear with a painted pewter twig and leaf by Creel and Gow of New York; $275 from The Line.

Above: Penkridge Ceramics outside Birmingham, England, specializes in hand-painted porcelain fruit. Penkridge’s Silver Pears (and many other varieties of pears and other fruit) are available from Sweet Bella USA; prices available on request.

Above: An Italian marble pear by Laurent Trade & Design from John Derian at 6 East 2nd Street in New York, $62. To purchase, call (212) 677-3917.

Above: New Moon Studio’s Simple White Porcelain Pear Set is made to order in Providence, Rhode Island; $145.

Above: A Penkridge Ceramics porcelain pear with metal twig and leaf; $315 from John Derian. To purchase, call (212) 677-3917.

Above: Set of Twelve Pears by Pope Valley Pottery, $250. Life-sized single pears also available for $40 each.

Above: Tiny Pears on a Tray, handmade of glazed stoneware by Cheryl Wolff of Walnut Creek, CA, via her Etsy shop; $68. Each pear is approximately 2 1/2 inches high and the tray is 12 inches long. 

Above: Guaranteed never to go mushy: a Set of Six Green Pears made of painted plastic; $16 from Pottery Barn

Above: A 1970s Wooden Pear, $25, from Etsy vintage seller Hedgerow Home of Reading, England.

Above: 3D Paper Pear Sculpture made from a discarded novel by UK Etsy seller Tigers4Tea; $10.

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