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10 Easy Pieces: Bedside Water Carafes

January 11, 2013 9:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

A simple water carafe is a necessity on the well-considered nightstand; especially one with a glass that acts as carafe topper to keep water fresh and clean clean while you slumber.

Here are 10 options to help you get your daily water intake morning and night (in fact, it's one of our tips in 10 Secrets for a Better Night's Sleep).

Above: The hand-blown Night Carafe is $47 from Tortoise General Store in Los Angeles.

Above: The Classic Carafe and Cup is $39 from Poketo in Los Angeles.

Above: Pigeon Toe Ceramic's Banded Bedside Carafe is made from hand-thrown porcelain with a subtle ring pattern and interior glaze (with the selection of 15 different colored glazes); $84 per set.

Above: The I'm Boo Glass Carafe by Norway Says is made from a blue-tinted mouth blown glass for CA$95 from Mjolk.

Above: The Bedside Carafe with Tumbler is available through Canvas; contact for pricing and availability.

Above: The Alessi Tonale Carafe is $54 from Y Living.

Above: The Cora Carafe is a two-piece hand-blown glass cylinder with its own cup; $9.95 from CB2.

Above: The Hand Blown Recycled Glass Carafe Set is $56 from Task New York.

Above: The Normann Copenhagen Mormor Ribbed Carafe by Gry Fager is $48.25 from Amazon.

Above: Crate & Barrel's Bedside Carafe with Glass is $24.95.

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