ISSUE 3  |  Belle Epoque

10 Easy Pieces: Bedside Alarm Clocks

January 20, 2010 11:25 AM

BY Julie Carlson

A roundup of our favorite small-scale bedside alarm clocks (most work for travel as well).

Above: A new favorite, the Bell Alarm Clock by Sam Hecht for Industrial Facility; available in light gray or black; $65 at Unica Home.

Above: Designed in 1971 by Dieter Rams, the Braun ab1 Quartz Alarm Clock is an icon of modern design and is available in white, navy, or black; $44 at Etsy.

Above: Aluminum Alarm Clock; $34.95 at Muji Online.

Above L: Beech Alarm Clock; $34.95 at Muji. Above R: Rubber Alarm Clock; $34.95 at Muji.

Above: Riki Clock, by Riki Watanabe; $120 at Chatchada.

Above: The Amadana Alarm Clock plays three different melodies; $118 at Fitzsu Society.

Above: The Station Alarm Clock was inspired by the traditional Japanese railway station clock, $48.75 from Muji.

Above: Karlsson Alarm Clock Scanline; £11.38 from Amazon in the UK.

Above: The traditionally styled Newgate Mini Quad Alarm Clock; £35 at Heal's in the UK.