ISSUE 49  |  Cocktail Hour

10 Best Stocking Stuffers, 2015 Edition

December 13, 2015 12:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

The best part of Christmas for me is scouring for gifts to fill a stocking–slightly fancy goods that I might not buy every day but that are destined to last. Here are 10 that we would happily give (and receive). 

Above: Riding the current interest in activated charcoal, Portland-based Otter & Wax have created the Charasu Bar Soap; $8 in three scents: citrus, conifer and cedar.

Above: The Ito Bindery Memo Block (L) and Small Pad (R) are made by a 75-year-old Japanese book binding company; $28 and $14, respectively, from Canoe. (Their larger pads are too big for a stocking but equally gift-worthy.)

Above: The Super Choc-O-Food bar is a collaboration between Valerie Confections and LA design firm, Commune. The oversize chocolate bar is filled with nuts and fruits and packs a punch with its three brightly colored hand-stamped label packaging: $20 from Valerie Confections.

Above: The new pencil du jour–the Blackwing Palomino Pencil with replaceable eraser. In a box of 12; $21.95 from OK Store.

Above: Tenugui, the multipurpose Japanese cotton cloth can be used in a myriad of ways–as a napkin, towel, scarf, and even wrapping paper; $14 from Tortoise store.


Above: Bring the outdoors in with this Campfire Incense by Juniper Ridge; $12 each from the General Store. Available in three scents: sage, sweetgrass and douglas fir.

Above: A brass Oversized Key Ring big enough to be worn on the wrist; $18 from Schoolhouse Electric.


Above: The newly launched brand ILA’s wood-fired Vermont Maple Syrup is worth it for the chic black glass packaging alone, but better still, it tastes as good as it looks; $28 from ILA.

Above: Cork up opened bottles of wine during the holidays with these maple Wooden Bottle Rock stoppers; $22 each from the Brush Factory.

Above: This indispensable Keyboard Brush comes with both a supple bristle and a softer one to get into all the corners of a keyboard; $16 from Brookfarm General Store. 

Finally, growing up in the UK our family tradition was a tangerine in the bottom of the stocking (it was the least appealing gift). In recent years I have upgraded the citrus tradition replacing it with tins of June Taylor’s Candied Citrus Peel

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