Meet The Editors

"Have nothing in your house you do not consider to be useful or beautiful."

- William Morris

We are a group of friends who share eerily similar design sensibilities; a collective design DNA. We care (OK, we care a lot) about interiors. We wake up in the middle of the night to bid on Thonet dining chairs; we page through stacks of design magazines every month.

We love Ikea as much as DWR; we believe a mix of high and low—and of vintage and new—animates a space. When we need to make a daunting investment decision (ever bought a couch?), we research it to the ends of the earth. We favor classic and livable over trendy and transient; streamlined interiors over cluttered environments. Our style is minimalist but not monastic. We choose thoughtfully designed products over mass-market, disposable goods.

We believe the best advice comes from like-minded friends. We've survived a dozen remodels among us, and after years of midnight consultations and email debates weighing the merits of a particular cabinet pull, we created an online forum for sharing our finds. Why go looking for the perfect faucet if your style-savvy neighbor has found The One?

We all have friends who appreciate beautiful interiors but don't have the time (or the maniacal drive) to obsess about the details. So we're making it easy for our similarly inclined readers by offering an edited, screened, preapproved selection of our greatest hits.

If you're design savvy, you'll realize we've done the hard work for you. If you're a neophyte, you can't go wrong. Whether you're embarking on the grueling marathon known as the remodel or simply looking for a design voyeur fix, we invite you to peruse our offerings.

Meet our Team