Design Files Are Now Closed

We have removed Remodelista Design Files from our site as of April 10, 2013. We hope to replace Design Files with something more community oriented in the future. None of the Remodelista content that you saved has been taken down—just the way you saved it in Design Files.


Here are some options for saving Remodelista images you want to refer to later. This list is in no way comprehensive—the list of photo hosting websites, apps, and software is long and growing—but this is a good place to start. The basic version of all of these tools is free.


Bookmarks — Just bookmark each page in a Remodelista folder in your bookmarks. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to save everything in one place.

Flickr — Photo library website. Private unless you want to share. 

Picasa — Photo library website, ideal for syncing with your Google/Gmail accounts. Private unless you want to share. 

Photobucket — Photo library website. Private unless you want to share. 

Dropbox — Maybe the easiest way to upload photos in large batches. Share photos with people you know by sharing a link to your Dropbox folder.

Houzz — Compendium of user-generated photos of homes and interiors. You can save your Remodelista images here.

Pinterest — For sharing photos via social media. Either share photos publicly or save in up to three private boards. 

Evernote — A productivity tool that can save photos, notes, web pages, and documents. This is a good way to save both photos and URLs of entire Remodelista web pages you want to save.


You can also just copy and save the URLs in a document or email them to yourself, or save Remodelista images in a photo library on your computer (such as iPhoto on Mac or Windows Live Photo Gallery on PC) or in a file on your computer.


We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience. For additional questions, visit our Contact Us page.