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Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley, Yountville, California. Photo: Carter Dow.


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Roche+Roche projects are typically located in northern California, with an emphasis in Sonoma and Napa Counties. The work mix typically includes residential estate, winery, hospitality and resort projects. 

Areas of interest and expertise include:

Innovative use of common materials, reclaimed/recycled, native, and natural materials. 

Superior understanding of and execution of site layout, grading, and construction detailing. 

Sourcing and procurement of highest quality plant material, specimen material, and new introductions. 

‘Quiet’ plant combinations that support the architecture and delight the senses throughout the year. 

Native plantings, native meadows, wildlands interface, organic and biodynamic gardens.

We view each project as the unique intersection of client/user, program, site, and architectural style, so no two projects are the same. We are experienced in working in many landscape styles, and around many architectural styles, though our design approach tends to lean toward clean, simple, often geometric lines in the built or ‘hardscape’, with the planted landscape providing a softer, more organic counterpoint. 

Our goal is to establish our reputation through positive referrals and recognition by our peers and the press, based on excellence in design, documentation and service.