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A horizontal steel fence replaced a 30-foot tall Oleander hedge in front of a historic Spanish Territorial Adobe home in Tucson, Arizona.  It provides a backdrop to native vegetation, defines the outdoor space and establishes a street connection.  The clients can relax under the native mesquite and see their neighbors now! Photo: Red Bark Design, LLC

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Darbi Davis is the principal designer of Red Bark Design, LLC.  She holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture from The University of Arizona and a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Anthropology. She is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

A native of Sarasota, Florida and a naturalized transplant to Tucson, Arizona, Darbi enjoys the contrast between coastal and desert living and sees marked similarities between underwater plant life and desert plant life.  She is convinced that this explains her love affair with the desert.  She is fervently passionate about art, design, and sustainable living.  

Red Bark Design offers comprehensive landscape design services for residential, commercial and consulting projects throughout the southwest.  Based in Tucson, Arizona, we are committed to designing projects that are locally and regionally sensitive. Our projects include urban courtyard gardens, historical renovations, and larger residential properties.  Most of our designs reflect a modern flare complimented by desert lush.