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Sante Fe House - Guest House, Ohlhausen DuBois Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Sante Fe House - Guest House

Ohlhausen DuBois Architects is a New York City architecture and design studio. We create places that delight and satisfy through their simple elegance.

The qualities of a space – the light, the volumes, the textures, the sounds – are what inspire us. We use them to inform our work on all scales, from a handrail to a house to a university building. We make places that are specific to their context, that capture the essence of their location, that feel as if they’ve always been there.

We are dedicated to making carefully crafted projects, integrating the structure, systems, materials and details into a seamless whole. Through common sense strategies we minimize the use of energy and resources and create healthy environments.

Daylight is perhaps the most important element with which we design and create - it animates spaces, brings materials alive, orients us and connects us to the world around us. Through our work we seek connection - to time and place; to history and geography; to what is ephemeral and what is permanent.

Listening closely to the needs and desires of our clients, we are experienced guides and advisors throughout the design and construction process. We aim to inspire our clients, and our clients values and goals inspire us.

Over the past twenty years our firm has established a reputation for innovative, thoughtful design. Our many awards and repeat clients attest to the rigor, devotion and passion with which we approach our work.

Santa Fe Structural Glass Wall. Photo: Mark DuBois.

Santa Fe Entry Gallery. Photo: Frank Oudeman.

Pecos Cabin from River. Photo: Kate Russell.

Pecos Cabin Inside/Outside. Photo: Kate Russell.

Machinery Exchange Penthouse. Photo: Michel Arnaud.

LaJolla Side View. Photo: Otto Ruano.

Santa Fe Living Room Glass Corner. Photo: Frank Oudeman.

Sands Point Dining Area. Photo: Christopher Cooper.

Sands Point Master Bath. Photo: Christopher Cooper.

Sands Point Pool & Garden. Photo: Christopher Cooper.


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