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A surreal retreat., Mork Ulnes Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

A surreal retreat. Photo: Bruce Damonte

With offices in San Francisco and Oslo, Mork Ulnes Architects approaches projects with a combination of Scandinavian practicality and Northern California’s ‘can-do’ spirit of innovation.

CLAYTON STREET RESIDENCE, Mork Ulnes Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

CLAYTON STREET RESIDENCE: When purchased by the current owners, this 19th century Victorian was an eclectic mix of Victorian details and quirky California Hippie interventions. The original building had been extensively remodeled in the 60’s reflecting aesthetics and materials of that period, and a unique Victorian Hippie Vernacular had emerged. The new design maintained this unique patina while incorporating more natural light and enhancing the flow of the space to suit a more contemporary way of living. Photo: Bruce Damonte

JACKSON HOLE RESIDENCE, Mork Ulnes Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

JACKSON HOLE RESIDENCE: This Residence is located on a steeply sloping hillside overlooking a mountain meadow and the Grand Teton Mountain Range. The house is sited along the slope of the site and it realigns itself with the contours of the site, optimizing solar orientation and desirable views. The traditional alpine pitched roof profile is sheared to create a slit of light which activates the space and creates a Circulation Corridor which runs through the entire building. Photo: David J. Swift

BRYGGERHUSET ARTIST STUDIO, Mork Ulnes Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

BRYGGERHUSET ARTIST STUDIO: This artist studio is located on a farm outside of Oslo, Norway. Its natural setting is unusually picturesque: surrounded by rolling fields, pine trees and lakes. The building sits on a knoll overlooking a lake to the southwest. This is the main view from the site. However, the hill provides several other spectacular views; it is therefore required that the building remain open to its surroundings.

MODERN CABANA, Mork Ulnes Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

MODERN CABANA: These factory-built mini houses were designed to cater to the growing number of small-thinking home-buyers. Cabanas come in standard 10x10, 10x12, 10x16 and 12x25 configurations, their modular, pre-fabricated design allows multiple units to be connected together in order to create expanded floor plans ranging from 100 to 1,000+ square feet. The Cabana, is a testament to the fact that contemporary pre-fab, sustainable design is compatible with affordability and timeless beauty. Photo: Bruce Damonte

ROYAL NORWEGIAN AMBASSADORS RESIDENCE, Mork Ulnes Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

ROYAL NORWEGIAN AMBASSADORS RESIDENCE: This addition to the Norwegian Ambassador’s Residence in Venezuela is treated as a folly to which experience the natural surroundings of the site. Views of the Avila Mountain are carefully calibrated in the design of the staircase screen and from a large cantilevered viewing platform that juts out from the main lawn and pool area.


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