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The Tiger Glen Garden, Ithaca, NY, Marc Peter Keane | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

The Tiger Glen Garden, Ithaca, NY: This karesansui-style garden abstracts the story of the Three Laughers of the Tiger Glen, an ancient Chinese parable that describes three men (a Taoist, a Confucianist and a Buddhist) who overcome their sectarian differences to find a unity of friendship. Photo: Kai Keane.

Marc Peter Keane is a landscape architect, artist and writer based in Ithaca, NY. Having lived for nearly 20 years in Kyoto, Japan, his work is deeply informed by Japanese aesthetics and design sense: simplicity, serendipity, off-balance balance, and naturally weathered patinas. Working in situations as divers as a 350-year-old house in Japan and a contemporary museum in the United States, he designs singular gardens that are both beautiful and contemplative.

The Tiger Glen Garden, Ithaca, NY: The garden sits in the new wing of the Johnson Museum designed by Pei Cobb Freed. Made primarily of moss and stones, the image of water in the garden is expressed through patterns of small stones. Photo: Kai Keane.

Blum Garden, Irvington, NY: The Ocean Garden sits between the main house and the studio. It is a contemplation garden intended to be viewed from the adjacent buildings and pathways but not entered. Photo: Don Freeman.

Blum Garden, Irvington, NY: The Forest Walk is based on the Japanese tea garden and acts as a passage from the main house to the studio. Photo: Don Freeman.

Smith Ridge Garden, New Canaan, CT: The Japanese tea garden is a simple, unadorned path that acts as an entryway to the teahouse. The teahouse is a place for quiet reflection and the enjoyment of the subtle changes of the seasons. Photo: Don Freeman.

Smith Ridge Garden, New Canaan, CT: A stepping stone path slows the cadence of the person entering, making the journey seem longer. Gates mark the passage from the day-to-day world outside to a timeless one within. Photo: Don Freeman.

Miwa'an Teahouse, Ithaca, NY: Miwa-an is an experimental Japanese teahouse and tea garden built as a year-long installation. The curved walls, which are made of hand-woven dogwood and willow stems, create sections of three interlocking circles.

Miwa'an Teahouse, Ithaca, NY: Before entering the teahouse, visitors ritually “cleanse” their hands and mouth with water provided in the sculptural wooden water basin, and then remove their shoes.

Spiral Garden, Kyoto, Japan. This garden was built at the oldest extant residence in Kyoto City, dating back to 1657. It is a contemporary contemplation garden that symbolizes an essential quality of the natural world: that it is continually in motion and filled with an ever-changing energy.

Hiden’in Temple, Kyoto, Japan: The garden acts as an entry path to an adjacent tearoom as well as a contemplation garden. The large flat rock becomes the nucleus of the garden and can be used as a pedestal for large flower arrangements like the display alcove (tokonoma) of a tearoom.


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