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Larah Moravek has spent over a decade honing her studio experience at both Clodagh Design and Yabu Pushelberg where she was an award-winning team leader and mastered her skill set. Procuring this foundation, Larah possesses a vast and in-depth design experience which allows her to offer a full range of services.

Prior to founding her own company (LVMinc) in November 2010, Larah took a six-month sojourn to India and Asia which profoundly influenced her design vision. Her travel blog, “the tracing.” was conceptualized as a way of communicating her experiences through her own words and photography. To this day, it continues to document the visual inspirations found in the world around her and has gathered a world-wide cult following.

Larah’s design philosophy, one that is grounded in fundamentals of scale and proportion, whilst being highly imaginative and creative. Her vision is aesthetic awareness, taking in all five senses to be cognizant of how people will respond mentally and emotionally to a space. Her forte is creating experiential spaces that reinforce a point of view and captures a tangible artistic quality for her clients. Both a leader and team player, Larah has a profound understanding of her client’s needs whether it be commercial or residential. For all her projects, LVMinc gravitates towards using materials in their authentic state,

With a visual curiosity in art and the world at large, Larah’s unique design intention pushes the edge and creates projects both undeniably artful and functional…a well-attuned design.