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Honed lava walls with glass inlays at the Hawaii Residence entry. Photo: Olle Lundberg.

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Lundberg Design is a 20 person architectural firm that was founded by Olle Lundberg in 1987, and does work for clients throughout the United States. While the core of our practice is architectural, we are committed to providing high-end, modern design at many levels. Our signature style tends to be characterized by sculptural form, simply and elegantly executed, with a strong belief in the importance of the carefully thought-out detail.

Our team is composed of talented designers who intentionally do not specialize in any one building type. Homes, restaurants, wineries, corporate headquarters, distilleries, office space, building makeovers, hotels, and even bus shelters are all part of the portfolio–what the firm specializes in is innovative design and execution. 

Lundberg Design has its own dedicated 4,000 square foot metal fabrication facility for custom design work and experimentation. All of the design work is centered on the qualities of materials–how they can be plied, bent and cut to produce a visual and tactile result. We love the physical qualities of the objects and spaces we create. The shop lets us work on pieces a little bit more like sculptors, in that we get to use the process of building (and tinkering) to inform the design rather than turning over the act of building to someone else. The fact that we actually make things also encourages a spirit of collaboration between the Contractor and Architect, which is critical for this type of work. 

We have always been committed to producing sustainable design. First and foremost, we try to design beautiful buildings – buildings that people love and cherish and will want to use for generations. Timeless architecture – buildings that will outlast all of us. We have always used recycled materials and often employ found objects into our designs – the contrast of old and new is a constant in our work. In the end it is our goal to design buildings that functionally as well as aesthetically work in harmony with the surrounding landscape and the natural environment, and to make them extraordinary enough that people will treasure the effort and materials that went into them forever.