Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Kitchen table in a late-18th century farmhouse, with a view through the mudroom out to the pond. Photo: Beth Kirby.

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We are Tara Mangini and Percy Bright, the two people and four hands behind all this work. We dream, design, build, furnish, and style everything you see here.

In a world filled with so much design talent, what sets us apart is our connection to the spaces we transform. We truly are homeless home designers, so when we relocate to renovate a home, it becomes more than just a job. It becomes our way of life. We observe the light, we hunt for original floors, we try to figure out what the house looked like five renovations ago. We watch where we find ourselves looking for hooks, wishing for a table, pulling up a chair, and we let those natural tendencies guide our design. By letting the space speak to us along the way, and really tell us what it needs, we are able to create homes that feel true to themselves–sincere yet functional–the homes they were always meant to be.