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Green Roof Garage, Harrison Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Green Roof Garage Photo: Rob Harrison AIA

We are recognized in the Pacific Northwest for our expertise in residential green architecture. Our projects range from modest kitchen renovations to high-end new homes, placing an equal emphasis on style, function and poetics, woven together with the thread of sustainable design, and mindful of long term cost.

As a certified Passive House consultant, I aspire to have much of our new work meet this standard. With Passive House we can reduce the heating energy required for a house by 90% compared to typical houses—for a less than 10% premium in initial capital costs. The standard is applicable to multi-family and commercial work as well.

We have been in business for twenty-six years, with the last eighteen years devoted exclusively to sustainable design. Each of the projects we've done over the last eighteen years has demonstrated many aspects of resource conservation, energy conservation and healthier building. We believe that beauty is at least as important as the green materials and techniques we specify. We strive to make places that our clients will deeply love. We have excellent relationships with the contractors with whom we work. We take pride in designing buildings that take the real-world processes, tolerances and costs of construction into account. All of the consultants and contractors with whom we work are either members of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild or share our interest in green architecture

Green Roof Workshop, Harrison Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Green Roof Workshop: Our goal with this project, completed in 2003, was to make a simple, modern workshop outbuilding to be used for hobby cabinetmaking and appropriately reverent storage and display of our client's vintage Mercedes 230SL convertible. (Our clients have since traded the Mercedes for a Prius.) This was the first permitted residential green roof in King County. To read more about the project, please visit: http://harrisonarchitects.com/projects/outbuildings/green_roof_workshop Photo: Rob Harrison AIA

Green Roof Garage, Harrison Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Green Roof Garage: Our green-roofed garage was built to accompany the 1950 rambler in the close-in Mt. Baker neighborhood of Seattle my wife and I purchased in June of 2003, the week before our son was born. In 280 square feet (a one-car sized garage) it now houses and protects six bicycles and one motorcycle, as well as providing space for a small workshop and every man’s dream, lots of pegboard.To read more about the project, please visit http://harrisonarchitects.com/projects/outbuildings/green_roof_garage Photo: Rob Harrison AIA

Lanipo, Harrison Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Lanipo :: a micro ecovillage: A rendering of two of four houses in a micro-ecovillage on the Wilhelmina Rise above Diamond Head in Honolulu. Though they are located within reach of both water and power in Maunalani Heights, the houses will be off the power grid, and use no municipal water. All water needs will be met with rainwater collection, and all power needs supplied by photovoltaic arrays on each house.To read more about the project, please visit http://harrisonarchitects.com/projects/new_homes/lanipo

Farm + Forest Passive House, Harrison Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Farm + Forest Passive House: Our clients approached us with the idea of building a net-zero energy home. I was in the midst of the Passive House Consultant Training at the time, and suggested we try that path instead. The house will use 90% less energy than a typical house, and can be net-zero energy with a 5Kw photovoltaic array.The design of the house was inspired by a traditional Australian farmhouse type called a “Queenslander,” and in fact one particularly lovely Queenslander I visited while in Australia in 2004.

Harding Home, Harrison Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Harding Home: This new house has many green features, none of which shout out, “Look at me!” We are pleased that the house functions as a green home and less concerned about whether it looks like one. It is a cozy, comfortable home that just happens to conserve more energy, use fewer resources, and be much healthier than the typical new home.This house was AIA Seattle Home of the Month in March 2006.To read more about the project, please visit http://harrisonarchitects.com/projects/new_homes/harding_home Photo: Marco Prozzo

McBride-Prozzo Renovation, Harrison Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

McBride-Prozzo Renovation: With this second story addition for Shaun McBride and photographer Marco Prozzo, our intention was to respect the context of the neighborhood with the design of the exterior of the house, while making a throughly modern interior. To see more images of the project please visit http://harrisonarchitects.com/projects/additions_and_renovations/mcbride-prozzo_renovation Photo: Marco Prozzo

Thein-Durning Renovation, Harrison Architects | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Thein-Durning Renovation: This is a modest residential renovation for Alan and Amy Thein Durning and their three children. Alan is the director of Sightline Institute. We started with the notion that every dollar spent has an ecological consequence. We believe if we can reduce overall costs, we can also reduce overall environmental consequences. For more on the project, please visit http://harrisonarchitects.com/projects/kitchens_and_cabinetry/thein_durning_renovation Photo: Rob Harrison


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