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Hackett Holland Ltd is a boutique Architecture Practice based in Notting Hill in West London. Founded by Jonathan Holland and Jane Hackett in 2001, we have since undertaken a wide variety of projects across the UK.

The majority of our work is in residential refurbishment and new-build for private clients and developers. This ranges from modest extensions to large numbers of units for volume house-builders.

We are a multi-disciplinary practice and can offer assistance with interior design, landscaping and gardens as well as conventional architectural work.

We believe that good design is not the preserve of any particular style, and our work crosses the boundaries of stylistic definition. Whilst much of our work is traditional we also design in a ‘modern’ manner where appropriate.

We hope our buildings have ‘good manners’ in relation to their neighbours and natural setting. We react not only to aspect, climate, topography, geology, etc but also to the existing local building traditions.

We reject the fashionable late 20th Century notion of Architecture as ‘objects in space’. Our aim is to create forms and spaces that are beautifully proportioned, as well as functional, and formed using good quality sustainable materials. We believe that in the future successful Architecture will be defined as that which responds to its immediate surroundings and to the wider environment in a meaningful way.