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New York City Rooftop. Photo: Lisa J. Goode

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New York, NY 10013
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New York City & Mid-Atlantic

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Founded in 2008, Goode Green is a green roof design and consulting firm based in New York City. Projects range from residential to large scale commercial, municipal and industrial. Goode Green consults on projects as to engineering and waterproofing specifications and works with clients and architects to design green roof installations specific to their needs and programming.

Goode Green brings an alternative perspective to green roofs and landscaped rooftops based upon the imagination of gardening and high-quality aesthetics. The environmental benefits of green roofs such as creating natural habitats and mitigating storm water are integrated and inherent traits when creating this more diverse rooftop landscaped setting. The success of Goode Green’s projects are a testament to this “gardener’s approach” to green roofs and to the possibilities that lie among the many rooftops.