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Washington Street Residence Photo: Ian Reeves

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envelope a+d is a collaborative design firm inclusive of outside disciplines and individuals. Our relationships, within the studio and in the wider world, begin with a respect for and a desire to engage people’s strengths, skills and experience. We are deep listeners, critical thinkers, thoughtful interpreters and prolific generators of ideas. We seek to inspire rather than dictate and, while our design vision organizes the process of transforming ideas into material form, we actively solicit the thoughts of our clients, the skilled makers of our work, and other creative actors.


Our vision is both subtle and ambitious: the reconceptualization of modes of living and building focused on the fundamentals of human perception. We advance new models of public/private space and posit compelling visions of the emerging urban condition. We create an immersive architecture that seeks to alter people’s relationships to each other and heightens awareness through intelligently disrupting the normative condition. In our work, architecture is a framework for transformation rather than an object of consumption.


We are motivated by our clients and by their ideas. We choose to take on projects based not on construction type, but on the collaborative potential of the client relationship. We seek out highly engaged clients who have a strong, clear world-view, are passionate about what they do and what they aspire to, and are interested in forging an active, creative partnership.