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Washington Street Residence, Envelope A+D | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Washington Street Residence Photo: Ian Reeves

envelope a+d is a collaborative design firm inclusive of outside disciplines and individuals. Our relationships, within the studio and in the wider world, begin with a respect for and a desire to engage people’s strengths, skills and experience. We are deep listeners, critical thinkers, thoughtful interpreters and prolific generators of ideas. We seek to inspire rather than dictate and, while our design vision organizes the process of transforming ideas into material form, we actively solicit the thoughts of our clients, the skilled makers of our work, and other creative actors.


Our vision is both subtle and ambitious: the reconceptualization of modes of living and building focused on the fundamentals of human perception. We advance new models of public/private space and posit compelling visions of the emerging urban condition. We create an immersive architecture that seeks to alter people’s relationships to each other and heightens awareness through intelligently disrupting the normative condition. In our work, architecture is a framework for transformation rather than an object of consumption.


We are motivated by our clients and by their ideas. We choose to take on projects based not on construction type, but on the collaborative potential of the client relationship. We seek out highly engaged clients who have a strong, clear world-view, are passionate about what they do and what they aspire to, and are interested in forging an active, creative partnership.

Octavia M+N  SFCA, Envelope A+D | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Octavia M+N SFCA: Octavia M+N: In the context of runaway housing costs in the San Francisco Bay Area, we propose a building comprised of “minimum existence” individual living and/or working units. Recognizing that buildings and families change over time, our proposal also envisions the potential expansion of units by combining single units to make larger, multi-room units. Photo: envelope a+d

Erica Tanov, Envelope A+D | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Erica Tanov Photo: Mariko Reed

Durie Tangri Offices, Envelope A+D | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Durie Tangri Offices

Locanda, Envelope A+D | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Locanda Photo: Cesar Rubio

PROXY, Envelope A+D | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

PROXY: PROXY is a temporary two-block project located in San Francisco which seeks to mobilize a flexible environment of food, art, culture, and retail within renovated shipping containers. Envisioned as transitioning into a more permanent housing plan in roughly four years, PROXY is both a response and solution to the ever changing urban lifecycle, existing as a temporary placeholder and an instigator of evolving cultural curiosities in art, food, retail and events. Photo: Joe-Perez Green, envelope A+D

Synthetic HQ, Envelope A+D | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Synthetic HQ: The new offices for Synthetic – home of Incredibooth, Swankolab, and Apple’s 2011 iPhone App of the Year Hipstamatic – required a smart reimagining of productivity. envelope A+D’s design facilitates the high-low processes of a contemporary tech company: room for a live band, a full-scale dinner party, an overnight guest, private meetings, open meetings, secluded phone conversations, video game decompression, Friday cocktails and collaborative work spaces. Photo: Mariko Reed

Slow Food Nation Coffee Pavilion  SFCA, Envelope A+D | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Slow Food Nation Coffee Pavilion SFCA: Slow Food Nation Coffee Pavilion The Coffee Pavilion at the Slow Food Nation Taste Hall is conceived of as a filter for experience. Three sheer fabric enclosed Coffee Halls remove the visitor from the activity of the larger event. These tasting chambers offer a more intimate taste experience and allow visitors to focus on the cup in their hand, the nuances of the brew, the discussion with an expert. Photo: Cesar Rubio

Pizzeria Delfina 18th Street SFCA, Envelope A+D | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Pizzeria Delfina 18th Street SFCA: Pizzeria Delfina Inspired by a field trip to the birthplace of pizza, Delfina's pizzeria is an interpretation of the best of the Neapolitan Pizzerias, which are at once plain, urban and functional. A white-tiled floor and wainscot are a crisp textural container for the quartersawn oak bar and banquette. Honed slate wall panels comprise one full wall of the dining room and display the changing fare of the day. Photo: Todd Hido

Clipper Street Residence SFCA, Envelope A+D | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Clipper Street Residence SFCA: Clipper Street Residence: The gingerbread of the existing Victorian house is collected under a blue-black monochrome. Space Invader makes his mark on the architectural concrete base for the tongue of the new stair. The cyan painted door calls out entry to the residence above, a new service station door to the garage and studio below. Photo: Todd Hido

Washington Street Residence SFCA, Envelope A+D | Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

Washington Street Residence SFCA: Washington Street Residence A home for an art collecting family, the project parameters were to make no visible alterations to the front (traditional) facade of the house while completely renovating the interior to create a modern open living space and housing the client’s extensive collection of contemporary art. The design seeks to create a heightened level of engagement by blurring the line between normal living and art experience. Photo: Ian Reeves


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