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Lake District Residence, San Francisco. Photo: Kayo Shibano.

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In latin creo means: to create, make.

Creo is a landscape architecture and urban design firm with extensive experience in all development realms. We provide innovative and high quality modern design services on projects that vary in type from civic (urban plazas, parks, city streetscapes, transportation facilities), commercial (corporate campuses, heath care facilities, mixed-use developments) and residential (high end single and multi-family). 

We begin every project by meeting with our clients to understand their goals, values, budget and environmental strategies and constraints. We then synthesize all of the information gathered and create innovative spatial and environmental solutions into landscape design. Working in constant collaboration with team members and the client, we progress design concepts through construction documentation and construction consultation to help the clients vision become a built reality. 

Creo firmly believes landscapes should transcend meeting certain program requirements and become a valuable part of one’s city, business or home. We think that the simplest forms in nature provide all the necessary inspiration to create a strong modern design. While population growth and construction development pressures continue, our landscapes become even more of a precious resource. As landscape architects and urban designers, it is our mission to collaborate with our clients and bring their ideas to life in a thoughtful modern design that will ultimately give them a momentary pause.

Creo Landscape Architecture is featured on Gardenista in To Lawn or Not to Lawn? With Kids, That is the Question.