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Paint palettes on the wall of our design studio.

About the Firm

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How We Work

Designers often think that design is the outcome of a logical thought process, a problem-solving exercise outside of issues of “style”Âť. Ever since we began the studio we’ve taken a different approach: we confront style head on.

We’ve always had the sense that the way to navigate the vagaries of fashion and obsolescence–the inevitable fact that stylish design becomes quickly dated–is to choose freely from the world of images. We’ve tried to avoid the political and moral issues that are associated with working in a particular idiom–current design sensibilities are often thought of as morally superior to, say, working in a (decadent) period style. Design, for us, is as much about curating and editing ideas and things that we find, as it is about invention. Our inspiration comes from movies and TV and music and fashion and art and history and, as often as not, we just stumble upon it. We try to take as broad a view as possible.

We believe that the only truly modern approach to design is best described as hyper-eclectic.

What We Do

Most of our work is interior architecture and decoration. We also teach and write and make art. Over the years we've designed a lot of residences, restaurants, stores, offices, museum exhibits, logos, and furniture. As design generalists we believe that our design approach–understanding the brand of the client, even residential clients–can be applied to just about anything.

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