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TP-H Residence: Reading Room Exterior. Photo: Lucas Fladzinski

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Our firm is an idea-driven design office based in Berkeley, CA. We approach each project individually with an artistic and technical rigor guided by a commitment to craft in architecture. Our work addresses the fundamental problems of space, proportion, light and materials, and their intrinsic properties within architecture. The intensive research for each project guides the design process in lieu of following any stylistic agenda. We strive for an architecture from which multiple readings emerge, exploring the associations of program and space, material and detail, complexity and simplicity.

We oversee all projects from their conception through construction and work closely in collaboration with the contractors and artisans who build them. Our project experience includes commercial offices, single family residences, cultural institutions, agricultural structures, and industrial buildings. The firm provides full architectural design, construction administration, planning and zoning analysis, as well as interior design services.