Margot Guralnick


New York, NY

Favorite Shops: Ancient Industries for timeless (and hard to find) household things; Kiosk for a brilliantly curated selection of everyday stuff from all over; and the long ago Design Research (it’s what I grew up with).

Favorite Restaurants: Porsena for East Village Italian, and Spicy & Tasty in Flushing, Queens, for Chinese exotica.

Design Haunt: Jody Guralnick and Dish Studio, to check out my sister’s latest paintings and ceramics. Foreign grocery stores all over New York and New Jersey—I collect food and drugstore packaging that looks as if it’s been unchanged for a century. The cobblestones of Crosby Street and vicinity, starting at De Vera and ending up at essential sweets stop Papabubble.

Margot has written and edited for almost every extant (and extinct) lifestyle magazine in New York, including Travel + Leisure, Veranda, and House & Garden. She project managed and wrote Remodelista, our first book.