Jeanne Rostaing

Brooklyn, New York

Jeanne grew up in Memphis, TN and moved to New York City to work in theater. One thing led to another and she ended up in the crazy world of television news. Among other places, she worked at ABC for nearly 15 years as a producer and writer covering breaking stories for overnight news broadcasts. Now she no longer has to spend her days sleeping and her nights working. She is extremely happy and grateful to be writing about flowers and trees instead of pipe bombs, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Life is good.

Favorite Shops: Park Slope Food Coop for the true neighborhood experience plus great produce; Housing Works Thrift Shop for fun surprises; Cog and Pearl for jewelry, gifts and browsing.

Favorite Restaurants: Jeanne’s husband writes a restaurant blog, so she is the lucky beneficiary of his constant search for the perfect meal. Some current favorites are: Stone Park Cafe for classy American cuisine with great service; Runner and Stone for amazing bread and delicious food; Dinosaur Bar-B-Que for a huge family friendly place with great beer and yummy casual food.