Jane Potrykus

London, England

After many years living in the Chicago suburbs, Jane and her family (husband, teenage son, and dog) are now in London, intent on making the most of the “permanent impermanence” that defines expat living. 

Favorite Shops: Barneys, Dover Street Market in London, and of course, March in San Francisco (I’m obsessed).

Favorite Restaurants: My go-to spots are Buvette in NYC and Paris and Damson & Co. in London; but London has so many great restaurants that I’m constantly updating my favorites. Next on my list is a girls’ lunch at Chiltern Firehouse.

Design Haunt: I tend to let design inspiration find me. Some days it’s as simple as a walk in the park. The challenge is to be open to it and not miss something wonderful because you’re nose-deep in your smart phone.